Band Saw Quiz

Take the quiz to test your knowledge of the essentials so that you can use the Band Saw during build activities.


Question 1

Which item is the Table Insert

Question 2

Eye protection is not required when operating the band saw.

Question 3

Which is the Miter Gauge Groove

Question 4

The blade guides should be adjusted tight aginst the blade.

Question 5

Which item is the Table Clamp

Question 6

Which item is the Blade Support

Question 7

Adjustments should be made with the power off.

Question 8

Which is the Guide Post

Question 9

The blade guide should be adjusted to about 1/4" from the work.

Question 10

Which is the Blade

Question 11

Which is the Upper Wheel Guard

Question 12

Which item is the Table

Question 13

It is safe to use the fence for cutting several pieces of wood to the same length.

Question 14

Which is the Blade Guard

Question 15

Which is the Rear Blade Guard

Question 16

The saw should be stopped by forcing a piece of wood aginst the blade.

Question 17

It is safe to tilt the table for cutting bevels.

Question 18

Instructor's permission is required to operate the band saw.

Question 19

The hands should come no closer than 2" from the blade.

Question 20

Which is the Blade Guide

Question 21

The lower band wheel does not require a guard.