Belt Sander Quiz

Take the quiz to test your knowledge of the essentials so that you can use the Belt Sander during build activities.


Question 1

There are directional arrows inside the belt

Question 2

Which is the Abrasive Belt

Question 3

Which is the Dust Deflector Hood

Question 4

Material may be safely sanded freehand in the center of the platen (not in contact with the table)

Question 5

The table should be 1/4" away from the belt for adequate clearance

Question 6

Which is the Tilting Table

Question 7

The guards cannot be removed from this machine while it is running

Question 8

Which is the Adjustable Platen

Question 9

Which is the Belt Guard

Question 10

Which is the Switch

Question 11

Which is the Belt tension Knob

Question 12

Which is the Belt Guard

Question 13

If the angle of the unit is changed, belt tracking should be checked

Question 14

Which is the Tracking Handle

Question 15

Which is the Dust Spout

Question 16

Which is the Base