Disc Sander

Take the quiz to test your knowledge of the essentials so that you can use the Disc Sander during build activities.


Question 1

Which is the Dust Spout

Question 2

Which is the Base

Question 3

Which is the Abrasive Disk

Question 4

Which is the Rim Guard

Question 5

The rim guard is of no real value and can be removed for most operations

Question 6

Which is the motor

Question 7

Which is the Switch

Question 8

The table should be adjusted to within 1/16" of the disc

Question 9

The table may be tilted safely while the machine is running

Question 10

Which is the Tilting Table

Question 11

A piece of scrap lumber can be used to slow down and stop the disc after turning off the power

Question 12

Which is the Power Cord

Question 13

Whch is the Lock Lnob

Question 14

Sanding can be safely done on either the left or right side of the rotating disc