Drill Press Quiz

Take the quiz to test your knowledge of the essentials so that you can use the Drill Press during build activities.


Question 1

A drill should be operated at top speed for all work

Question 2

Which is the Switch

Question 3

Which ic the Tilt Angle Locking Clamp

Question 4

Rings may be worn while operating a drill press

Question 5

Which is the Motor

Question 6

The long end of the work should be at the left of the operator

Question 7

If a piece of material jams and starts spinning, guickly grab it and stop it so it doesn't hit anyone

Question 8

Which is the Key Chuck

Question 9

Which is the Variable Speed Control

Question 10

Which is the Tilting Table

Question 11

Which is the Head Support Saftey Collar

Question 12

Which is the Table Locking Clamp

Question 13

The chuck key should be kept in the chuck at all times

Question 14

It is necessary to select the proper speed

Question 15

Work should always be secured

Question 16

Which is the Depth Stop

Question 17

A chip brush should be used for removing chips

Question 18

Long hair must be confined in a hat or net; or tied back

Question 19

Which is the Lower Table or Base

Question 20

Which is the Quill

Question 21

Which is the Column

Question 22

Which is the Quill Lock

Question 23

Which is the Belt Guard

Question 24

Which is the Pilot Wheel Feed