Grinder Quiz

Take the quiz to test your knowledge of the essentials so that you can use the Grinder during build activities.


Question 1

All guards should be properly distanced from wheel, check and adjust before use

Question 2

Which is the Switch

Question 3

The drill bit must be secure in the drill chuck

Question 4

Which is the Water Pot

Question 5

It is OK to grind on the side of the wheel

Question 6

Which is the Housing

Question 7

Which is the Cord Strain Reliever

Question 8

Which is the Adjustable Tool Rest

Question 9

Safety goggles are adequate protection for using a grinder

Question 10

Which is the Adjustable Spark Deflector

Question 11

Apply hard pressure in one place to grind

Question 12

Which is the Chuck

Question 13

The chuck key should remain in the chuck when drilling

Question 14

Which is the Wheel Guard

Question 15

Which is the Grinding Wheel

Question 16

Use clamps or pliers to hold small pieces

Question 17

Which is the Motor

Question 18

Which is the Pedestal

Question 19

The electrical cord plug of the drill should be disconnected from the power source when changing drill bits

Question 20

Electric powered portable tools should not be used in wet areas

Question 21

Allow wheel to come to full speed before grinding

Question 22

Which is the Trigger Switch

Question 23

Which is the Pistol Grip Handle

Question 24

Be sure grinder speed is equal or more than maximum wheel speed

Question 25

Which is the Blade Grinding Attachment

Question 26

You should clear the area of flammable materials for 3 feet around the grinder

Question 27

Which is the Cooling Vents

Question 28

Grinders should be securely mounted before using

Question 29

Which is the Saftey Shield

Question 30

Holes should be drilled with short jerky movements

Question 31

Eye protection is not needed when drilling wood

Question 32

Which is the Dust Chute

Question 33

You can use a grinder on soft metals or wood