Milling Machine Quiz

Take the quiz to test your knowledge of the essentials so that you can use the Milling Machine during build activities.


Question 1

You can safely reach over or near the rotating center

Question 2

You should turn the power off before you make any measurements or adjustments

Question 3

Which is the Knee

Question 4

It is best to store all oily cleaning rags in a metal container that can be closed tightly

Question 5

You can put a board under work to prevent damage to the table

Question 6

You can use compressed air to remove chips

Question 7

Which is the Table

Question 8

Which is the Saddle

Question 9

Which is the Base

Question 10

Be sure the holding device is mounted solidly to the table and the work is held firmly

Question 11

You should not loosen all the clamping bolts on the tool head at the same time

Question 12

Which is the Motor

Question 13

Cutters can be handled with bare hands

Question 14

It is not safe to clear chips away while the machine is in operation

Question 15

Which is the Spindle

Question 16

Which is the Arbor

Question 17

Which is the Columm

Question 18

Which is the Overarm

Question 19

Which is the Elevating Screw

Question 20

It is safe to leave the machine while it is working

Question 21

You do not need to wipe up spilled cutting fluid immediately

Question 22

Which is the Spindle Nose

Question 23

You should keep the floor around the machine clear