TIG Welder Quiz

Take the quiz to test your knowledge of the essentials so that you can use the TIG Welder during build activities.


Question 1

Which is theWire

Question 2

You do not need to wear gloves when welding

Question 3

You can be shocked by touching the tungsten electrode while the TIG welder is turned on

Question 4

The helmet used for TIG and MIG welding should be equipped with a minimum number 15 density shade

Question 5

It is best to work with a partner when welding

Question 6

Which is the Electrode (TIG)

Question 7

Which is the Control System

Question 8

Which is the Flow Meter & Regulator

Question 9

The high-frequency switch must be turned off while performing regular arc welding

Question 10

Which is the Coolant System

Question 11

Which is the Torch

Question 12

Which is the Welding Machine

Question 13

It is OK to do TIG or MIG welding without a welding helmet

Question 14

Both metal-arc welding and gas-shielded arc welding give off ultraviolet and infrared radiation which can burn unprotected skin

Question 15

Which is the Wire Reel

Question 16

Which is the Ground

Question 17

Which is the Inert Gas Supply

Question 18

Proper ventilation is not a concern during welding

Question 19

Which is the Wire Feeder (MIG)