Buffer Quiz

Take the quiz to test your knowledge of the essentials so that you can use the Buffer during build activities.


Question 1

Which is the On/Off Switch

Question 2

Which is the Base

Question 3

Which is the Shafts

Question 4

Remove anything that might tangle in the buffing wheel, like jewelry or tie back long hair

Question 5

Do not buff small diameter tubing, wires or other similar materials

Question 6

Which is the Buffing Wheels

Question 7

Stand in front of the wheel when buffing

Question 8

Which is the Motor

Question 9

Which is the Retaining nuts (on both wheels)

Question 10

Use a rag to hold material so if it gets hot it won't burn your hand

Question 11

Use extra caution when buffing corners or openings or other areas that might catch the wheel and be thrown

Question 12

Aways use the lower half of the buffing wheel (below center)