Handheld Sander Quiz

Take the quiz to test your knowledge of the essentials so that you can use the Handheld Sander during build activities.


Question 1

Start on the work, move quickly over small areas

Question 2

Do not set the sander on the work bench until it has stopped running

Question 3

Never lift or carry any portable electric tool by the power cord

Question 4

Which is the Front Hand Knob

Question 5

Which is the Trigger Switch

Question 6

Which is the Paper Clamp (Rear)

Question 7

Which is the Handle

Question 8

Stop the motor before lifting from the work

Question 9

Make sure abrasive sheet is in good condition and properly clamped on the tool before using

Question 10

Which is the Pad

Question 11

Be sure switch is in the off position before connecting to power

Question 12

Which is the Paper Clamp (Front)