Scroll Saw Quiz

Take the quiz to test your knowledge of the essentials so that you can use the Scroll Saw during build activities.


Question 1

Which is the Table

Question 2

Which is the Motor

Question 3

Which is the Upper Chuck

Question 4

Eye protection must be worn

Question 5

Which is the Hold Down

Question 6

Which is the Overarm

Question 7

The hold-down should bear lightly on the work

Question 8

Which is the Step Cone Pulley

Question 9

It is not necessary to have the flat side of the stock next to the table

Question 10

Which is the Blade Guide

Question 11

If the blade pinches in the kerf, do not stop the machine

Question 12

Fingers should be kept away from the "line of cut"

Question 13

Which is the Tension Sleeve

Question 14

Which is the Guide Post

Question 15

Which is the Dust Blower

Question 16

Adjustments may be made while the saw is running

Question 17

Which is the Table Insert

Question 18

Which is the Belt and Pulley Guard