Help our Team

Ways to help our teamCopy of Recruit

  • Donate items for our auction fundraiser
  • Attend our annual dinner auction.
  • Link to our website or promote our activities.
  • Attend or volunteer at a robotics competition.
  • Become a team mentor.
  • Help drive the team to events (must do school forms)
  • Provide snacks or meals.
  • Help at team events
  • Donate money or materials (see list below)

Contact our coach, Brad Nelson, if you wish to contribute. Below is our current wishlists, but if you have an item not shown below that you feel may help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Donate parts and supplies

  • hardware: nuts, bolts, screw, washers, etc.
  • electrical: wire, connectors, solder, etc.
  • scrap metal: aluminum preferred, but small steel ok
  • scrap wood: 2×4, plywood, etc.
  • adhesives and lubricants
  • plexiglass and plastics
  • zip ties (we go through a lot of these)

Donate tools

  • hot glue gun
  • staple gun
  • hand-held drill motors (battery style preferred over cords)
  • hand-held circular saw (battery style preferred over cords)
  • wheel puller
  • storage containers

Donate time

We can always use volunteers and mentors. See mentor section for more details.

  • programming mentors: familiarity with LabVIEW and JAVA is helpful but not necessary
  • marketing mentors: all skills would benefit
  • animation/video mentors: familiarity with 3dsMax is helpful but not necessary
  • competition volunteers
  • training program supervisors

Donate money

We can always use funds, this is an expensive program.
See sponsor overview for more details on our incentives program.