Helpful Links List Being a younger team, we felt the best thing we could offer as a resource to others was all the great sites we’ve found to help us build our team. We are part of the Edmonds School District CTE Student Leadership program. CTE stands for Career & Technical Education. More information about district programs like ours can be found on their website at CTE Student Leadership Clubs

Local Teams

Robotics Organizations

Seattle Robotics Society
Oregon Tournament and Outreach Program
NASA Robotics Alliance Project
Robot Competitions – Worldwide

Robotics Forums

Team 47 Chief Delphi
Team 1511 Rolling Thunder
Western Region Robotics Forum

Team Aids and Training

Robotics – Building the ultimate computer BarCode Discount website Site with links on robotics history, AI, General info, and applications
Complete Robotics Resource Lowell Bradford, Surveillance Video
Labview Tutorial National Instruments
Labview Tutorial Univ. W. Australia
RINOS (rookies in need of support) Team 25 Raider Robotix
General Team Training Team 115 Monta Vista Robotics
Document Archive Team 228 GUS
Scouting Program (MARRS) Team 537 Charger
Safety & Strategy Slideshows Team 100 Wildhats


3ds max tutorials
3ds max tutorials
Animation workshop by Robo Raiders


The Ultimate Guide to Business Plans eCommerce University
Business Plan Tutorial Small Business Administration
Business Plan Library Center for Business Planning
Marketing Plan Tutorial


Profit Quests Fundraising
Fundraising Ideas
Fundraiser Help