Safety Animation

Competition outline: FIRST and Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) invite teams each year to submit a short animated film to promote team safety. The winning entry, chosen by UL, is aired during the live Kickoff broadcast and re-played at FRC regional events. Autodesk, a company that supports the FIRST robotics competitions, provides programs such as Maya and 3ds Max to create the animations. The Safety Videos are submitted in December and one is chosen to receive the award.

With FTC and a hectic outreach schedule, we didn’t have time for this competition in 2014.

We had to stop working on the 2013 animation. Most of the members of the animation team were also on our FTC team, and it was decided to put our time into FTC. Click here to see 2013 Storyboard. Click here to see the 2013 script.

Our 2011-12 Animation Video: Pass it On!

Animation process
the animation team has to complete the following steps to make an animation. See our vocabulary page for more details on unfamiliar words.

  1. Research the competition theme and choose a focus
  2. Create a storyboard
  3. Write a script
  4. Model and texture pieces
  5. Create backgrounds
  6. Choose ‘camera’ angles
  7. Animate pieces
  8. Record sound tracks: speech, effects and background music
  9. Capture and render video segments
  10. Edit segments
  11. Record onto a DVD

NOTE: See our storyboarding activity page to learn more (in the resources section).


Team members may go to Autodesk Education and register as a team 2522 member to download the 3ds Max program. Then watch the video tutorials listed below and practice the program.


  1. Learn 3ds Max Program
  2. Choose basic plot
  3. Develop scene storyboards
  4. Create characters and props
  5. Create backgrounds
  6. Animate scenes
  7. Sound
    • recording
    • integration
  8. Editing
  9. ISO format
  10. Submit for review