Royal Robotics FRC 2522

Established in November 2007 at Lynnwood High School, Washington state, Royal Robotics is compromised of 33 students ranging from grades 9-12 and supported by 12 mentors. Our school mascot is the Chimaera and our team colors are black\gold. The team motto is, “In the past people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do” (Gianni Versace).

Mission Statement

To create a strong robotics team at Lynnwood H.S. where team members:

  1. Feel welcome and important to the team.
  2. Learn necessary technical skills.
  3. Learn team building and leadership skills.
  4. Promote STEM within our community.
  5. Compete effectively with ‘gracious professionalism’.

The robotics team is a year-round program. While the main focus of the team is to make and compete with robots, it provides much more than just technical training. This program has a niche for everyone, no matter what their interest area.

The highlight of our year, is the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), which takes place from January through April. A typical season looks like:

  • January – Kick-off where the Game of the year is announced.
  • January to February – 6-weeks to design, build, program and test a robot to play the Game.
  • March to April – Compete in District and Regional events to qualify for advancement
  • April – FIRST World Championships

Our strong Outreach program keeps our team busy year-round. Numerous meetings are conducted in the months where FRC is not taking place. We use these meetings to plan volunteer, fundraising, sponsor, and community events. For more information on our Outreach program, open the “Programs” tab at the top of the page and click on “Community Outreach”.