Established: November 2007
Location: Lynnwood High School, Washington, USA
Grades: 9-12
Team Size: 21 students, 11 mentors
Mascot: Chimaera
Colors: Black and Gold
Motto: “In the past people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do” Gianni Versace

Mission Statement
To Create a strong robotics team at Lynnwood H.S. where team members:

  1. Feel welcome and important to the team.
  2. Learn necessary technical skills.
  3. Learn team building and leadership skills.
  4. Promote STEM within our community.
  5. Compete effectively with ‘gracious professionalism’.

The robotics team is a year-round program. See Recruiting Ad. While the main focus of the team is to build and compete with robots, it provides much more than just technical training. It is a student-led program, so the members learn leadership and project management skills. They learn marketing and presentation skills in order to recruit members and sponsors and to help represent the team at competitions and community outreach events. Students may choose to help with the safety program, team videos/animations, website, training and teaching programs, as well as designing and building robots. This program has a niche for everyone, no matter what their interest area.

The main focus is the FIRST Robotics Competition, known as FRC, which goes from January through March. FRC begins after FIRST announces ‘The Challenge’. Our team then has six weeks to design, make, program, and test a five-foot tall robot. Also during this time the team is preparing for competition by organizing tools and supplies, making marketing materials and more. This means we meet nearly every day for those six weeks. We continue meeting through March to prepare for the Regional competitions. If we win at a Regional, we would be eligible for the International competition in April. Our ultimate goal is to win the FRC Chairman’s award which goes to the team which exemplifies FIRST’s ideals.

In Autumn our rookie members may compete in FIRST Tech Challenge, called FTC, as part of our training program. FTC makes 18 inch tall robots. If we don’t do FTC in the fall, then our training committee will come up with another challenge for our team members to do in order to improve their skills (see more details about our training programs in the programs section). Our team usually meets at least twice a week during the fall.

We also do the MATE ROV competition in May. For this program, our team makes underwater, remotely-operated vehicles or ROVs. The task for this challenge is announced in December. We begin designing in March (after FRC build), which gives the team about two months to complete.

The team has many other events and activities throughout the year. There are recruiting and fundraising activities. The team may also host or volunteer at FIRST Lego League events, or mentor FLL teams. We frequently bring our robots to community, sponsor and school events. We’ve presented to elementary schools and run robotics day camps. In order to coordinate all these activities, we have regular monthly planning meetings each month.