Current projects – FRC and FTC

Build Reports

Week 5: Items are off to our wonderful welding and cutting sponsors! Check out their businesses under our “sponsors” tab.

Week 4: Parts are arriving and being sorted.

Week 3: Time to CAD our favorite prototypes and start ordering parts.

Week 2: Prototyping is in full swing! Everything from ball shooters to gear hookers are being created.

Week 1: Design and Strategy have both been considered. The team has looked through the SteamWorks Game Manual in depth.


The Royals are not participating this year to focus on FRC. Check out the awesome FTC program on your own at


Food Alerts: Nuts and Meat.
Please either avoid these foods
or bring one serving without these items, thanks.

All families are asked to provide 2-3 meals during FRC (If you helped with FTC do 2). There is a new method for signing up for meals this year, steps are explained below:
  1. Go to
  2. Enter robotics in the recipient last name box
  3. Enter 2522 in the password box.
  4. Click the SEARCH button
  5. Scroll till you find an open date you want to do (one without data)
  6. Click the CHANGE button
  7. Enter your contact information in the fields for first name, last name, email, phone
  8. It is optional, but recommended that you enter your menu in the meal field (this can be entered later, if you don’t know right away)
  9. click the UPDATE button to finish the entry
The students and mentors greatly appreciate all the efforts to feed us each build season. It does make it easier to get the robot done, when we can stay through meals, thanks for all your support.
If you have any questions regarding a meal, contact our meal coordinator, Molly O’Brien.