Team Training Program

Basic classes

In order to prepare new members we have a three part training program in the Fall. We meet 2-3 days a week from September through December.

  • First we do tools and shop safety training.
  • This is followed with an FTC build including lessons on Teamwork, Team Organization, Strategy, Design Process, CAD and Marketing.
  • After FTC, we do a quick one month mini-build with lessons using an FRC style Kit-Bot (see picture on right) which our team made, teaching basic mechanics, electrical skills, pneumatics and programming.

We have also used these lessons as starting points for teaching presentations. See lesson materials below:

Lesson plan Lesson aids
Teamwork T.E.A.M. Poster    Alphabet Quiz    Peer Mentoring Poster    Tallest Tower activity    Assessment Card
Shop Safety lesson Safety Philosophy Poster    Don’t Eat Pete game Description    Machine rules, teaching poster set    Hands-on instruction poster sety    Hands-on Training record page
Team Organization lesson
Strategy lesson Strategy slides from Powerpoint
Design Process Design process steps Posters    Attributes List page
Solutions Poster Set
Drawings and Sketches Drawing Activity Description    Drawing Activity Card Set    Exploded Drawing Example    Pattern Drawing Example    Isometric and 2D Drawing Example
Hand Tools Hand Tools Quiz Hand Tool Quiz Answer sheet
Mechanics: Drive Systems Drive system slides from Powerpoint    Forces Poster Set
Mechanics: Structure Static Force Poster    Dynamic Force Poster 1    Dynamic Force Poster 2
Mechanics: Manipulators Manipulators slides from Powerpoint    Machine Families Posters    Simple Machines Poster Set    Gear Ratios Poster
Electrical: Control System
Electrical: Circuits and wiring Electrical Charge Poster    Simple Circuit Poster    Schematic Symbols Handout
LabVIEW Programming Phone Dialing Programming Example Poster
Pneumatics Basics States of Matter Poster    Pressure Formula Poster    Pressure Formula Poster 2
Marketing ID Brands Poster Set    ID Themes Poster
CAD: Autodesk Inventor Single Part Activity    Multi-Part Activity
FRC Intro FRC Vocabulary (request powerpoint file by email)
FRC Design

Specialty classes Occasionally an opportunity or team need may come up that requires special training. When team members express an interest or there is a team need for special skills, we will arrange special trainings for team members. We have had special trainings in welding, 3D printing, Advanced CAD, Advanced programming, video production, animation, Advanced electrical, etc.   Projects During various years, we have tried different training projects. Some of these are now part of our outreach program, being used in day camps and after school clubs. Our in-house rookie training program currently uses FTC and Kit Bot.